Our Process

Let’s face it.

No detail should be overlooked when it comes to bathtub, countertop and tile refinishing. After all, it’s the little things that count, right?

At MB Link Refinishing, we believe it’s the little things which separates a quality and long-lasting surface versus delivering something which is only going to cost you more money and time down the road to resurface again. We buff bathtubs to help enhance their look and feel, as well as remove sharp bumps which can easily chip off and expose a tub’s original surface.

Basically, no other service in the Miami Valley will go the extra mile like we do when it comes to ensuring your refinished bathtubs, countertops, ceramic tile and more last a long life.


Our bathtub refinishing process demands the use of only the highest quality coatings.

As a result, our refinished surfaces are so durable that they can add up to 10 years of useful service to the life of your bathtub, countertop or ceramic tile surround.



Process Overview

For porcelain and acrylic surfaces: 

Cleaning: Making sure your surface is clean is of the utmost importance prior to beginning the resurfacing process. We give any surface we work with a thorough cleaning utilizing a solvent bath to help ensure no body oils, dirt, grimes, grease and other problem area are presents before resurfacing.

Remove Caulking: We’ll remove any caulk on your bathtub or tiles as well as take care of any hardware, overflow cover and trim kit.

Etching: We etch surfaces we work with with hydrofluoric acid, porcelain only. If acrylic no etching is required and the entire surface is wet sanded for adhesion

Preventative Masking: We mask off all areas not being coated in order to ensure no other surfaces are affected during the resurfacing process.

Buff: We fill any imperfections in the surface are prior to applying the topcoat. This helps ensure a smoother, more long-lasting finished product.

Apply Topcoat:  The topcoat formulas from the manufacturers we work with utilizes a number of chemical bonds which help make our coating more high performance than others, as well as more durable and long-lasting than other topcoats such as enamels, and low link urethanes. Believe it or not this, these formulas are even used in aerospace and maritime situations where a tough protection is needed. From a molecular standpoint, these compounds fuse to your bathtub, becoming an actual part of it. 

Let Cure for 12 Hours: Waiting 12 hours helps ensure you’re being deliver the absolute best end result possible when it comes to resurfacing your bathtub, countertops and tile.

Final Return: M.B. Link Returns to customers home for removal of masking paper and re-caulk

For Formica Countertops:

– Clean Countertop surface
– Sand entire surface of countertop
– Mask off all areas not being coated
– Fill any imperfections in surface
– Clean entire surface so that it is dust free